JGB / Joe Russo & Hooterall? / DSO Tix ~ Membership Drive

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JGB / Joe Russo & Hooterall? / DSO Tix ~ Membership Drive

Postby DJ Easy Wind » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:32 am

A lot of times we give away free tickets to great shows here. Right now, we are doing our Winter Membership Drive, so we are asking for reasonable donations to qualify for free pairs of Tix to several Capitol Theatre shows. As a totally non-commercial, listener sponsored enterprise, we really appreciate any support that comes our way. You can hear all the details, along with some great music samples by listening to this week's "Morning Dew" Show. Just click on our Archival Podcast Player:

http://nuarchive.wbai.org/mp3/wbai_1702 ... 04mdew.mp3


Check out our amazing Capitol Theatre Ticket offers!

Available to New and Renewing Members of WBAI ! The following Concert Tickets are available to you as gift Premiums for your generous donations to WBAI ! Please remember to mention the show you wish to support is "Morning Dew". If you are interested in a concert, YOU MUST email us at morningdew@wbai.org to secure Tickets! State your preferred date & name of show you want,

Qualifying Membership Donations will receive a Pair of (2) Tickets to the following shows:

- 3/03/17 - Melvin Seals & JGB / John Kadlecik Solo AcoustiElectric

- 4/07/17 - Joe Russo & Hooterall?

- 5/19 & 5/20 - Dark Star Orchestra

Supplies are limited. First come, first served.

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