Official release I like:

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Official release I like:

Postby wall of sound » Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:27 pm

Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack CD's.

I drove up to Boston and back down this week and spent a lot of it listening to The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack. I think this might be the best live release they have put out since One From The Vault. It's five CDs ($35). Each one is perfection. Packaging is really simple, small booklit with photos and cartoons from the movie. No long essays, or special collectible numbered boxes or fake tickets, etc or anything. Just crystal clear recordings of the Dead at near their best. Wish more GD Inc releases were this sensible. As it is I'm pretty much done with them. If I could change one think about GD Movie soundtrack release is I do prefer cardboard over plastic packaging. (But that would probably jump the price up, so never mind.)

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