aaron judge

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aaron judge

Postby gdtrfb » 12 Jun 2017 10:32

i've been watching this young man play and i' am very impressed. not only by his raw power that makes reggie say damn. but by the way he plays the game. he hustles. he goes hard into 2nd base, he sprints towards foul balls irregardless of the score , goes from 1st to 3rd. scores from 2nd on base hits [just like thurman ]. he tracks down fly balls with ease [reminiscent of bernie ] and has an arm much like jesse barfield or dave winfield. he has a great demeanor on and off the field and shows respect to all foe or friend and learns how to keep his head [jeets ] .lets not overlook his swishalicious approach and love for the game............. if only he were a shortstop[scooter] .
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Re: aaron judge

Postby Odysseus » 19 Jun 2017 14:34

Once in a lifetime type of player.

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